2012 Hiatus

January 9th 2012

Hello again, everyone. As you may have noticed it’s been awhile since I’ve done any videos. I have a number of big events going on this year, including having a new son that will be taking up my time for awhile. As such I’m hanging my microphone up until sometime around fall 2012…

Episode 3: Chef Server Usage

September 21st 2011

Welcome back! Sorry for delay in getting this episode out. I’m currently on vacation overseas so it’s taken a bit more time to prepare everything.

In todays episode we’ll go over how to upload cookbooks to your Chef Server as well as connect and provision a node. This episode is a continuation of our last episode so you’ll want to follow along with that before trying out this one.

Episode 2: Chef Server Installation

August 19th 2011

Welcome back! This time we’ll start in on Chef Server. It’s a big topic, so we’ll do this in two parts, in this first part we’ll cover the installation then cover how to use it in the next episode.